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Critical-radical (theory + social science + politics)

Resources: ‘List of Lists’

As an avid reader of radical/critical as well as social science/scholarly literature, I have basically become the libcom equivalent of the ‘keymaker’ from Matrix Reloaded. I compile countless lists of resources on many different topics, I like to find freely-downloadable and freely-shared options to read things so that no one is faced with the capitalist gatekeepers of IP, academic publishers, or even just being unable to go to a specific library that’s out of one’s reach (geographically).

The ‘Keymaker’

But various other people or groups have already created some really good lists/databases with reading recommendations, copies or download links to the texts, and more. I have highlighted the my favorites, but I tried to pick a variety of radical traditions (whilst not necessarily agreeing or really liking each and every one of them) rather than merely the ones I find best. Hopefully there’s therefore something for everyone – including folks that don’t share my views on everything (in terms of socialist and/or radical theory and praxis). Nonetheless, what I guarantee is that all of these are really good (quality) and useful, whatever where one’s specific allegiances lay.

[Note: I will eventually do a general resource guide of my own, with the things I find most relevant (which doesn’t mean being exhaustive, hence why linking to these other lists is necessary!]

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